Our team consists of four individuals: two from the United States and two from the Netherlands. JJ is our fearless leader who is involved in several different mission organizations which enables him to coordinate and cast vision well! As for the next two, both were raised in the district of Groningen, but feel called to help train international churches in how to use sports to make disciples of Jesus Christ. Reinder is great at connecting and the technical part of things, where John loves the big picture and thinking about what the future could hold. Lastly, we have Grace, trained in intercultural ministry and theology, who is ready to apply her knowledge as needed.

Our group is diverse, but perfect for the Next Move International Team – a team focused on moving together with other athletes toward Jesus, those athletes might just be Montenegrin, Swedish, or Ghanaian. Our team is able to connect with potential partners and share the vision of sports and faith, to go overseas and train interested local churches, and to support current partners and boost their morale with outreaches.