Reaching your community with sports with youth from the church. In the Netherlands we have been using and evolving the strategy of Sports Community for over the past decade. A Sports Community is a group of volunteers from the church who come together and have community every week and then go into the neighbourhood to play sports with kids and teenagers to share the love of Christ. The video below explains the concept in short.

Next Move wants to help and equip churches and organizations to reach out to the community and share the gospel. Every year we organise the International Sports Community Training (ISCT), to empower foreign partners to use this strategy. Throughout the years we have welcomed sports ministers from all over Europe to train them.

This year we hope to invite our partners and let them also experience the power of sportscommunity themselves. 26 – 28 april are the training days and after that we have the ‘May-week’ where Sports Communities in Groningen will have a week of outreach. We will divide groups from the ISCT over the different neighborhoods so they get to experience a sportscommunity and can learn from participating. We hope this will inspire and create connections between the participants from the Netherlands and the participants of the ISCT.


  • Date: 25 april 19:00 – 3 may
  • Fee: €250,-