STINTER France (1 – 2 years)

God is calling you! Are you willing?

Next Move is searching for people who are interested in serving the sport ministry in France for a longer period of time. We desire to see growth in France with our local partners by training and encouraging them in their sport ministry. STINTERS play a major role in this effort. A STINTER stands for Short Term INTernational, this is a 3 month during sport ministry opportunity.

What does a STINTER do?

A STINTER will help the Next Move Tournée Olympique projectgroup by working with the local partners in France to start sport ministries or help further develop them. Besides that a STINTER will train local leaders so that they can reach the people in France. In France a STINTER will work together with the GO Plus, this is a movement of churches and organizations with the vision of bringing sport ministry in France. They use the momentum of the Rugby World Cup in ’23 en the Olympic Games in ’24 for this purpose.

A STINTER is busy with sharing their faith, developing relationships with local leaders and athletes, discipleship appointments, bible studies, preparation of the outreaches with the local partners, team meetings training of local leaders and with administrative tasks (newsletters, preparing materials, making phone calls, etc.).

Your profile

A STINTER is a connector who loves to speak with different people. As a STINTER you are able to inspire people with the vision of sport ministry, you are able to work together in building and developing sport ministries and working with the local partner in hosting outreach teams from the Netherlands and other places. To do this you are living for a longer period in France (1 – 2 years) to build sustainable ministries with the local partners. Hereby its important that you are independent and that you speak French and English well so you can communicate with our partners in France.

What does Next Move offer?

We offer a place where you can make a difference in the sport ministry movement in France. It’s a place where you can pioneer and are in contact with a lot of people. Here you can grow in independence and in your ability to communicate to people from different countries. This happens in an environment where God and sportspeople are central. As Next Move we will personally coach you in this process.


You are responsible for developing a team of ministry partners — people who pray for you and contribute financially to cover the cost of your living expenses.  In order to raise support, you contact friends, family, and churches through letters, phone calls, and personal appointments.  You tell them about your need and the chance to be on your team through giving and praying.  Most people consider it a blessing to be able to give, and they contribute on a monthly basis or with a one-time gift.  It generally takes anywhere from 2-6 months to raise $1400-2500 monthly and over $5000 in one-time expenses (costs vary according to cost of living in each country).


1.  Pray and ask God if He is calling you to be an Next Move STINTer.

2.  After you have received personal confirmation, contact  Reinder de Haan ( for more information.