For many elite and professional athletes, sport is not only a great passion, but also a life-determining rhythm. Performance and competition are more intense and training, nutrition and recovery determine your day. You have to learn to deal with the expectations of yourself and of others. Next Move Sports Chaplaincy helps athletes to keep balance in all of this. Balance between passion and performance, but also think of harmony in relationships and balance in joy and dependence on God.

Because the work of our Chaplains often takes place behind the scenes and because it’s difficult to explain what we do, Jan and Fabienne have started a podcast. In this podcast they share the beautiful and inspiring stories from their work field and hope to inspire the listeners to also be the hands and feet of Jesus in their sports environment.

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Jan is Team Leader of Team Sport within Next Move and with this team he focuses on equipping athletes to bring Jesus into the world of sports. Already during his active sports career, he was wrestling with bringing together (top) sport and faith. After finding answers for himself, he now shares them with others.

Fabienne is part of team Sport. For many traveling basketball players, she is the Spiritual Mother who assists them in the turbulent life they live. Each season, she shares her life with different basketball players to point them to Jesus and help them follow Him.

The work that Next Move does in the world of sports is made possible by the prayers and donations of mission partners. If you want to intentionally pray for the work that we do you can connect with Fabienne to keep you updated. When you want to give a donation you can follow one of the links below.