Where do you want to go? Where is God calling you?

God is already working in the hearts of people throughout the Netherlands to step out and follow Him to the ends of the earth. Next Move desires to be a catalyst and a permission-giver to encourage and motivate young people to take the opportunity to be trained and sent out. In the past, Next Move picked the destinations where teams would go. Now through the vision of a new program called the Initiative, Next Move wants to give individuals the freedom to pick ministry destinations based on where God is calling them and give them the opportunity to lead a team there, using the experience and resources NXM has to offer.

Consider how believers in many countries are struggling to find relevant ways to share the gospel and make a difference in their communities. If there is a church or ministry willing to host the team, and they are excited to use sports as a tool for ministry, then we see potential. The Initiative teams will serve alongside local believers who will be enthused, enouraged, motivated, and trained in reaching out to their community through sports. 

In short, our vision is to see young people sent out from the Netherlands – people who have a God-given vision and team – serving the local church and  working in concert with each other to pursue lasting fruit that will make a great impact for the Kingdom. Through the Initiative’s step-by-step process: Explore, Plan, Prepare, and Go, Next Move will assist and train you to follow God’s leading to the mission field. Do you feel the urgency? It starts with you!


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